Kendal at Oberlin Podcasts

kao-Week4-Blog1-podcasts.jpgOberlin College Podcast Project Highlights Kendal 

Sarah Dalgleish took an interest in Kendal at Oberlin after a visit for Oberlin College's annual day of service. As she looked for a topic for her Winter Term 2018 project, she decided to combine her interest in radio journalism with older adults. She produced a series of podcasts that feature a handful of Kendal residents, primarily those who have ties to the college-alumni, or former faculty and staff - talking about their decision to return to Oberlin.

Podcast 1: A Conscientious Objector

When Ken Cheek was a student at Oberlin, the college was just starting to develop its radical reputation that it has now. Listen to his story about student life and activism and how he found a passion for social work in college.

Podcast 2: As Far from Home as I Could Go

We speak to Dwight Call about how his time at Oberlin led him to travel to the far corners of the world, and eventually back to Oberlin.

Podcast 3: Early Days in the Women's Movement

Erika Pilisy was one of the leading voices in Cleveland advocating for women's rights in the 1970s. Hear about that period in her life.

Podcast 4: The European Fulbright Diet 

Marjorie Porter tells us her story about graduating from Oberlin and her adventures in Europe after graduation.

Podcast 5: Dementia Education

We speak with Elizabeth Hole about how Kendal at Oberlin is working to include those with dementia as a greater part of daily life. 

Podcast 6: Love at the End of an Era

Ron and Chris Price met at Oberlin in 1958. 60 years later, they are married and loving at Kendal at Oberlin. Sarah speaks with them about their experiences at Oberlin. 

Podcast 7: In Protest for Pianos

Robert Follet was music librarian at institutions around the country. But his love for music history first started at Oberlin College. Sarah talks with him about his most memorable traditions during his college years and about how being in Oberlin alone impacted his music career.





Downsizing Podcast Serieskao-downsizing-event (1).jpg

As part of our April 2017 panel discussion on downsizing, we gathered experts and residents to offer advice and help answer your questions. The result? 4 podcasts about downsizing, selling your home and what to do with stuff. 

If you want additional information on downsizing, check out our Do's and Don'ts of Downsizing guide by clicking here!


Podcast 1: Senior Moving Specialist Ted Forthofer

Want to reduce the stress of moving or decluttering your house? Moves Made Easier's Ted Forthofer provides information about senior move managers and what they can do for you, as well as expert tips on how to make your move easier. His presentation is part of Kendal at Oberlin's series on downsizing.


Podcast 2: Realtor Pradnya Martz

Real estate agents can be valued partners in the process of selling your home. Keller Williams Realtor Pradnya Martz discusses how your agent's experience, expertise, marketing strategy, and patience can make your next move more successful.


Podcast 3: Kendal at Oberlin Residents

Kendal at Oberlin residents talk about their experiences with downsizing, including practical advice on what to do with your "stuff." They share the tips and tricks that helped them make the move successfully.


Podcast 4: Audience Q&A

What questions did older adults who are considering downsizing ask the experts? Find the answers in this podcast recorded during a Kendal at Oberlin panel discussion in April 2017. Plus a number of audience members had helpful tips to share.